Skip Gallery

Catherine Borowski and  Lee Baker re-conceived the idea of the exhibition space, presenting an ongoing series of collaborative, site-specific artworks housed in skips in everyday public locations. Borowski&Baker have collaborated with some of the biggest names in contemporary art, including David Shrigley, Ben Eine , Gavin Turk and Richard Woods , as well as ‘the world’s most artistic football club’ AS Velasca in Milan.

Continuing their mission to bring eruptions of art into unexpected places, they brought SKIP Gallery to the shop floor
 as part of Selfridges’ State of The Arts programme, which aimed to make art more accessible. As part of the series called Like It Or Lump It, Maja Djordjevic incorporated her iconic cartoon tragi-comic girl into a giant melting ice cream, and Paul Kindersley performed his particular brand of outrageousness to the backdrop of his skip artwork in Ship Of Fools.

Their most recent huge exhibition featured 7 skips at Arts Building in Finsbury Park, including Sarah Maple’s The World As We Know It. The exhibition had nearly 3000 visitors.