SKIP Gallery goes to Milan

Produce UK in Milan

A.S. Velasca are an unusual Milanese football club to say the least. Their president Wolfgang Natlacen is a conceptual artist and began the football squad as an ongoing artwork, with FIFA recently naming them ‘most artistic football club in the world’. They exist outside of the football establishment and yet are a fully functioning club, sponsored by Le Coq Sportif. So with that in mind its no wonder they asked the unconventional SKIP Gallery to come to Milan and help launch their new club football kit with an art installation under one of the most celebrated brutalist buildings in Milan, Torre Velasca.

And so, a Skip was made in Milan from scratch to our specifications and transported to this incredible location, where the performance occured over a four hour period.

Skip Gallery / Produce UK

This involved Catherine and Lee creating typography on the sides of the skip, astro turf and corner flags being placed inside, Wolfgang’s players taking turns to climb into the skip to find and retrieve their new kits, all while Lee was recreating the Chinese calligraphy designed by Jiang Li for the kit’s new team logo. But the artworks did not stop at the kit. The corner flags, the shin pads, fan scarves, arm bands, goal keeper gloves, red and yellow cards, tickets etc… have all been designed or augmented by an artist. A.S. Velasca is a living artwork, and SKIP Gallery has set its sights on holding an exhibition in London to showcase the team’s epic creativity.

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