A visit to Stockholm to attend Gather Festival

On a recent visit to Stockholm we had the pleasure of attending Gather Festival  – a combination of conference and festival connecting diverse minds, backgrounds, experiences and ideas through talks, cultural events, and objective-driven labs.

We attended a selection of talks with the themes of urban development, ‘smart cities’ and ‘big data’ where we learnt more about the Swedish model of developing sustainable urban development platforms and how this is translated and branded internationally. A crucial question around data gathering is what services do we expect to get for the price of our privacy and who is responsible for delivering them? and finally in times of segregation, what does a just and open urban space look like? How do we democratize our cities?

With speakers such as Maja Brisvall , Indy Johar and Anna Hult , this was an open and welcoming environment to share ideas, questions and collaborate. It was also fun that there was a music & performance element to the festival.

Stockholm with it’s clean air, thriving tech and design industries strikes one as a city living it’s potential, healthy enough to be more immediate and progressive than other equally wealthy and well equipped cities…

We look forward to returning next year.

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